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WebMagic's™ is a comprehensive guide to online resources about Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. - Serving The Public Since 1996

WebMagic is happy to continue to host the WebMagic Lymphoma Support Forums, which have received over 500,000 postings and private messages by lymphoma patients, their families, and friends (not including hundreds of thousands of messages on our previous support system).

This site was started because WebMagic was contacted by the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America and its director Ellen Glesby Cohen, when the organization needed some computer support services. We felt the Foundation's mission fit well with our interest in community support.

WebMagic was a strong supporter of Ellen and assisted LRFA over many years. We designed their first web site for them in 1994 and provided them with the and URLs as well as some financial support. In the mid-1990s, with LRFA's blessing, we launched a message forum system to support the LRFA community, and in 2002 we launch a new and improved system.

Ellen Glesby Cohen, president and founder of the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America (LRFA), died Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2000 at age 51..

We continued to host their site until the November 2001 merger in which the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America (LRFA) and the Cure For Lymphoma Foundation (CFL) combined to become the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF).

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