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WebMagic's™ is a comprehensive guide to online resources about Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

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What is lymphoma?
What is Hodgkin's disease?
What is non-Hodgkin's lymphoma?
Is there a connection between HIV and lymphoma?
Can lymphoma affect children?
Who should I talk to in the beginning?
What questions should I ask about my treatment?
What conventional treatment therapies are available?
What are alternative or complementary therapies?
What are clinical trials?
What is remission?
What are my rights as a patient?

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This site is for those seeking information on lymphoma: Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. If you or someone close have recently been diagnosed, you may be overwhelmed by emotions ranging from anger to disbelief to fear. It is important to get started and take some ACTION as you work toward recovery.

While your cancer care team (your personal doctors and nurses) is your primary source of information, many people look to the Internet to find additional knowledge and sometimes even peace of mind.

At, we believe the better informed you are, the better decisions you're able to make. As such we hope to feed your mind and your spirit with both information and a peer-support system. Many before you have found this site helpful.

Here, you can locate the basic information to begin your education through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on many broad points of lymphoma.

* NOTE: Please feel free to browse the message boards. In order to post a message or take advantage of a lot of the advanced features of the system, you will have to sign up for a free web access account. This simple requirement has sucessfully kept spam, ads, and other inappropriate postings largely out of the system. The system is largely unmoderated however, so please treat it and others with respect.

The material on is for general information only. As you need additional, specific information, please contact your family physician and/or the following organizations:

Thank you for visting this site today. If you have found it valuable, please feel free to link to it and to invite others to visit.

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